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There are two server settings that can be changed -- the web server size and the background server size.Data corruption is generally caused by the premature termination of an action (e.g., saving of a submission) because it took longer than the allotted time.Local hosting implies that you are taking ownership of the off-site back-up and restoration of your data and are documenting the steps necessary to return your systems to operation in circumstances that might include a full hardware failure or the destruction of your facility.

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App Engine deployments use a "background" copy of the website to process long-running actions like generating CSV and KML files for export and for publishing all accumulated data to an external server.If you experience difficulty exporting to CSV or KML, the size of that server will also need to be updated. As before, see instance classes for their descriptions or search for "Google App Engine instance classes standard environment" on the web.If you have many form definitions on your server, you may get better performance and reduce the likelihood for data corruption if you increase the size of your server (this also applies to Tomcat deployments but Tomcat server size is configured differently and is not discussed here).To change Google App Engine configuration, you must edit the configuration files produced by the installer and re-run the uploader script to push the changes to Google's servers.To enable consistency checking and automatically fix problems, add the following parameters in the and within each element, and re-start CRX. X installation these files can be found under crx-quickstart/repository/workspaces/*/and crx-quickstart/server/runtime/0/_crx/WEB-INF/

In CQ5.3, can be found under crx-quickstart/repository/instead.There are several reasons for this: The ODK Aggregate VM is a fully-configured install of Aggregate that you can run on any computer.It requires very little setup, works well without Internet connectivity, and gives you complete control over your data collection campaign. To run on ODK Aggregate on a Tomcat server backed with a My SQL or Postgre SQL database, see Aggregate Tomcat Install.Re-creating your search index will fix all search index inconsistencies.However, it takes considerably longer than the search index consistency check and fix.Due to this, take special care when planning a search index rebuild and if you cannot afford much downtime consider doing a check and fix instead.