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It is a Class C airport serviced by Chattanooga Approach.

Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport has a single concourse with five gates.

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This was the the age of steam locomotives and rail travel was still a luxury. Louis Railway items from this time period can be very valuable and items of most types that predate 1900 will be valuable if they are in good condition.Many collectors are looking for antique railroadiana that dates before 1900 so there is a strong market for anyone looking to sell. Louis Railway operated after 1940 which means that many of the most common items you might find will not be especially valuable, these include items like timetables, pinbacks, menus, and other promotional items given out by the railroad.The largest aircraft currently serving the airport are the MD-80 series operated by Allegiant Air and Delta Air Lines.Delta had flown a regular mainline service for 48 years until withdrawing the service in 1995 in favor of its affiliates like Atlantic Southeast Airlines operating smaller regional jets, such as the CRJ-200, until deciding to reintroduce the service in the form of a DC-9 jet to Chattanooga in September 2012.The general aviation ramp is split into two locations, with one on the South side of the main terminal, and the other to the North.

The locations are respectively referred to as "Air North" and "Air South." General aviation can find service at either location.On November 27, 1973, Delta Air Lines Flight 516, a Mc Donnell Douglas DC-9, crashed short of the runway on approach to the airport.None of the 79 passengers and crew were injured in the incident, but the aircraft was damaged beyond repair.In 1936, the landing area was expanded and runways paved as a part of the New Deal's Works Progress Administration (WPA).The original terminal building was also built at that time.Commercial service is provided by United Express, Delta Air Lines, American Eagle, and Allegiant Air.