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They always arroused me, even before I knew what being arroused was.I would always find a reason to touch a female neighbors neck or friend of my mom. I was never abused more than a deserved seat on the butt.

This is a group that celebrates the dirty bitches who love it when their men grab their necks and choke away.This is NOT a group for Meatholes vids, which are (no offense) pretty sick.The owners of those holes struggle to get word out, but the gags on them.No one needs to hear what they have to say, or even cares - regardless of how they protest - because me and the boys are always ready to grab out clubs, sink some balls and come again.I only find Real women (not celebrities, not computer generated images) to be really appealing.

I have multiple neighbors, coworkers, friends and even the occasional stranger on the street who I have in depth kidnapping, strangulation fantasies about.

The vision of it, the struggle, the noises, all of it gets me rock hard.

The fantasies have grown and gotten more elaborate with the years as well.

I read a lot of bullshit posts and all kinds of "I swear this isn't fake" stuff.

I am posting here for the anonymity and to speak my mind in a public setting.

(She was quite accommodating and found out after that she enjoyed the thrill as well) So I don't know what I expect aside from the trolls and doubtless "get professional help" posts from the armchair assholes out there.