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To just settle down into a life of quiet retirement would be a very bad idea and have an enervating effect.

He is doing what he always did, which is being in New York at the appropriate social season, or being in the Alps at Gstaad at the appropriate season or on his yacht at the appropriate port of call in the Mediterranean.

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Instead, Carlos married a Brazilian woman, Charlene Shorto, fathered two sons, and integrated his new family unit into the “Valentino family.” (Brazilians go with the flow, and things work out.) Souza never stopped doing p.r. He and Charlene divorced long ago, but everyone is still as cozy as peas in a pod.Valentino and Giancarlo became godfathers to Sean and Anthony. The boys were quick studies, and fun to have around.provided a rarified view on the life shared by designer Valentino Garavani and his partner Giancarlo Giammetti, who first met by chance encounter at a café in Rome on a now legendary summer night in 1960, and, at the time of the film, were in the difficult process of retiring and disengaging from the fashion house that they’d devoted their adult lives to building together.But while the film provided an inside look at Valentino and the process he undertook to create his final collections, it also introduced many outside the fashion world for the first time to Giammetti, who, of the pair, has always been the true empire-builder, taking prescient and innovative steps like branching out into ready-to-wear and licensing at moments when few European houses were willing to make such bold moves—and, just as importantly, providing support and protection for Valentino, his interests, and his vision.Then Hoeksema sold the lease to Apple for a retail store and is currently scouting for a new prestige venue. Every other designer looks and says, ‘how do they live the way they do?

He is about to open a pop-up boutique in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel. ’ Giancarlo knows how to make money, and no other designer ever spent money like Valentino.” Matt Tyrnauer, who directed the documentary “Valentino: The Last Emperor”, told The Times,”He lives his life according to the old rules of celebrity.They became the sons that Valentino and Giancarlo never had. Although Valentino has been in a stable, contented domestic partnership with Bruce Hoeksema for over 30 years, it has been kept on the down-low and few outside elite circles know much about Bruce.Now they’ll become the heirs they didn’t have, with the keys to a rather opulent kingdom. This was a natural course for Valentino, who hit the international spotlight in the years when same-sex marriage was inconceivable (pardon the pun) and no one thought he or she would live to see the day when mirror-image matrimony became first legal, then commonplace, then banal.It is intense, but when he approves, he nods.” When he is with his extended family, of course, he can relax, turn off the radar and be playful. Once in the “Valentino family”, the only way out is via a hearse.(RIP, Nan Kempner and Lucia Salles, the Rio social deity who was a longtime pal.) The exceptions might be Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigada. Valentino, the brand, though, has always transcended fashion, coming to embody a lifestyle that both Valentino, the man, and Giammetti, have enjoyed over the years—one that is as particular to the men themselves as it is innately glamorous, filled with famous friends, far-flung trips, and lots of time spent sunning, relaxing, and celebrating on yachts.