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The little minx was not wearing panties; the globes of her bottom and the pouting lips of her pussy lay open to my disbelieving eyes as I raised my hand.

Jackie was abruptly still across my legs as I stared at her backside, my hand hovering in mid-air as my anger melted away to be replaced by something even worse, desire.

Across the room from me Jackie lounged on the couch, her short dress riding up her legs as she smiled cheekily at me, however, she had picked the wrong time to try her cute little tricks with me.

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"You are not too old for a good spanking, young lady," I replied sharply "and any more of your cheek you'll get one." "Ooh daddy," she laughed, "I'm so fwightened." It was too much for me, this, on top of everything else, made something inside me snap and I pushed myself out of my chair, crossed the room, pulled Jackie to her feet, sat on the couch and pulled her down across my knee.As she fell forward Jackie squealed then wriggled on my legs, I was suddenly very aware of her young boobs rubbing against my thigh then I raised her dress a sucked in a sharp breath.Holding her with one hand I struggled with my own clothing, tugging and pushing at it with desperate haste until I was at last as naked as my daughter, then I pushed her to the floor, almost throwing her down.Kneeling beside her I held my daughter's body down with one hand while the fingers of the other invaded her pussy once again, leaning down I kissed her full on the lips, her struggles pressing her lips to mine as though in welcome.Possessed by the demon lust I played with my daughter's clit while my palm pressed along her slit, her juices making my skin damp as I forced them to flow, her squirms became tremors and I moved my fingers to her tight young hole. The feel of her pussy gripping my invading fingers and her juices wetting my skin made my excitement grow, I knew what I was doing and that it was wrong, but it was as though I was out of control, the more I did the more I wanted and I knew that unless Jackie managed to escape I would take her.

Even as I finger-fucked my daughter I felt ashamed of my actions, but my lust, my desire, my hunger seemed to overwhelm me, to drive me on.In fact I was still brooding on having been told that I was old and boring and at that moment in time I felt like lashing out at something, anything, to relief my frustration."Is poor dadums in a bad mood then." she grinned saucily.Then I found her clit, with trembling fingers I rubbed the tiny button and heard my daughter sigh, her wriggling stopped and her bottom raised slightly as though to make access easier for me.As I played with my daughter's clit I felt my cock swell to erection, trapped under her body as it was it felt uncomfortable, it was also an unexpected turn on especially when she began to squirm gently on me. She began to wriggle again, but her motions only seemed to help my fingers as they thrust into her, her body seemed to rise to meet my every stroke yet I could feel her trying to move away from me, my other hand pressing her down across my legs with greater force.It had been added to her arsenal of tricks six months back and had fast become her favourite method of 'persuading' me to let have her way and it normally worked, but on this day I was not in the mood for her tricks, I was in a foul mood.