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The football Hall of Famer, his collar open at the neck and his shirt untucked, was sipping a drink from a martini glass during the evening.After spending almost nine years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping, O. Some of the factors included his age at first arrest, current age, prior probation or parole revocations, and completion of education or vocational programs. Brown's report features interviews with Ron Shipp, a former Los Angeles police officer and friend of O. and Nicole; , Ron's father; Tanya Brown, Nicole's sister; Sylvester Monroe, a writer who covered the trial for Time magazine and now is an editor at the Washington Post; Simpson's friend Joe Bell; sports sociologist Harry Edwards; and Simpson's legal "Dream Team" members F. Douglas tells James Brown the verdict in the Simpson murder trial was about more than just about the man on trial.

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The New York Daily News reports: Two were blondes, like the 70-year-old Simpson’s murdered wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

The Juice appeared animated in a series of Friday night photos taken inside the Grape Street Wine Bar & Cellar.

After the not-guilty verdict in 1995, Simpson attempted to pick up his charmed life right where he left off …

(Johnnie Cochran even left town with his wife for a wine-country getaway.) But after fewer than four hours of deliberation, the jury announced they had a verdict — and Simpson steeled himself for the worst. Don’t come to see me in prison, because your lives are going to be changing …

Simpson‘s expense with a sketch that depicts his first date since being released from prison.

“You know, I did have a nickname for a little while; ‘The Juice’ as in ‘The Juice is Loose.'” “Loose from what?

it's WAY harder to hide your dirty laundry in 2017 -- so says Cuba Gooding Jr.

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During the hearing, Simpson said, “I want to get back to my kids and family,” and acknowledged that an alternative-to-violence class he attended behind bars had taught him to resolve conflict through communication “rather than throwing punches.” “On behalf of my family … And I know in my heart that he's very humbled,” says Simpson's daughter, Arnelle Simpson pic.twitter.com/DZw L1S6O6j— CBS News (@CBSNews) July 20, 2017 His daughter Arnelle also made a heartfelt plea for his release, calling him “my best friend and my rock.” One of his victims, Bruce Fromong, also spoke on his behalf.

became visibly emotional when Bruce said he would be there for him when he was released.

It’s my first and middle name, Orenthal James,” he revealed. And before leaving the restaurant, Simpson turned to the camera to brag about his ways with women.