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Terry and Lee concoct an elaborate story about being with Homeland Security and she buys into the cat-and-mouse game and leaves them alone.They head up the fire escape and Lee realizes he forgot to unlatch the window. They sneak through the apartment and open Chris bedroom door to be shocked by the sight of Chris snuggling with Julianna Margulies (aka Tom Fontana).

May 2, 2010 More photos from this event at Lee This was one of the funniest times I have ever had hanging out with fellow Lee fans. Friday, I was feeling kind of down and was worried I would put a damper on the festivities, so I was really pondering whether or not to go. As soon as I got about halfway to New York on Saturday, my mood started to lift.I stayed at Eves on Saturday night and we drove into the city together late Sunday morning and went to lunch with Diane, Jessica, Laura and Vicki.I was in the first row, so I didnt have to move far. Then he was quickly surrounded by fans wanting to take pics with him.Chris joined him and there were flashes everywhere.This gave me a chance to chat with Merrily and some other LJers that I had not met before. He asked someone who worked in the theater where there was a restaurant/bar close by.

Then he started tearing down 59th Street as speedy as usual.He also told us that they had their first read-through on Saturday!The plot of this crazy play goes something like this: Dean, Lee and Chris (playing themselves) are discussing their favorite actors. The plot revenge is this: They will get a horses head and put it in Chris bed without his knowing. He points out that he and Chris are best friends and he wouldnt want to do that to him, etc.While they are in the apartment, it is Lees task to unlatch the window near the fire escape.Later that night, when they return and are lurking outside the building, they are confronted by a nosy neighbor (Catherine Wolf, who played Nurse Carol Grace on "Oz").After a half hour, a stagehand came and asked people to leave. Finally, Chris got up to leave and then Lee broke away and came over to me and asked if I had to get back on the road right away. We wandered into the side hallway and people were passing by and asking for autographs, etc. He was wearing the same thing he wore in the play jeans, black T-shirt and a blue long-sleeved collared shirt that was unbuttoned.