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In recent weeks, #Gendry even became a top trending topic on Twitter, but the popularity of his character still came as a bit of a surprise. “I think it’s strange, ‘cause he was quite a minor character in [Season] 1, but you definitely got the impression that there was more to come, that there was kind of something…

like a deeper story to be told.” WATCH: Joe Dempsie On His Character’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Secret Lineage & Learning What ‘Shipping’ Gendry & Arya Means “Game of Thrones” might be the first time Joe’s managed to trend on Twitter, but it’s not his first brush with success.

In 2007, he was part of the freshman cast of “Skins,” the raw British drama, starring and aimed at teens, a show that quickly became a phenomenon in his native UK.

Starring a pre-“Slumdog Millionaire” Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult (“About A Boy”) and “GOT” Season 2 newcomer Hannah Murray (she plays Gilly), Joe’s show won awards, prompted a host of headlines and the British press even likened its quick rise to a sort of new Beatlemania.

Gone too are the jet black locks that helped him look like the illegitimate son of the late King Robert Baratheon.

Instead, Joe is sporting his natural color, a blond hue more befitting the Lannisters, the very family whose armies just made Gendry and Arya prisoners at Harrenhal.

Most recently, there was “The Fades,” which was imported stateside via BBC America (and also starred Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell in “GOT”), and a brief appearance in the 2011 Jason Statham film “Blitz” (with another “GOT” star – Aidan Gillen).

One of Joe’s earliest acting gigs, though, was playing a patient in British program called “Doctors,” which like “Law & Order” does stateside, offers endless plotlines that need a stream of fresh faces.

“In terms of playing the character, though, I had to sort of do a lot of my own thinking and there wasn’t much information to go on about his past or anything that really shaped him into the person that he kind of is,” Joe continues.

“So I just kind of wanted to make him a nice guy, who was a man of principle…

looking rather different to Gendry, the increasingly popular character he plays in HBO’s hit fantasy drama.

“I’ve had a wash,” the British actor laughs, referring to the missing layers of fake road dirt generally found smudged on the face of the young armorer’s apprentice, who started Season 2 on the long journey to The Wall with Arya Stark.

The Photo Guide For now, Joe’s character has other things to focus on instead of unlocking that mystery — like surviving.