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They could call out the bigotry of seeing “no blacks, just a preference” in a dating-app profile.

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Did my best maitre'd and I said whenever you're ready and there's no rush. So either that was a perfect comic moment or Steve Carell is probably really pissed at me.

They put together a plane with everybody except you.

The show’s creators should poach writer Julio Torres, the wickedly gay wit of “Saturday Night Live.” It should push the envelope, lick the envelope, fold it, rip it, singe it and do all sorts of things well-mannered envelopes don’t discuss in polite company.

There was an episode of “Will & Grace” in which guest star Demi Moore appeared as Jack’s former babysitter, who was still babysitting and ended up resuming that role in a delusional way with Jack. Hopefully, the show’s creators have taken that episode to heart, too.

So what would make “Will & Grace” relevant in 2017? If David Caruso’s and Dennis Franz’s backsides could fill our network television screens in 19, respectively, surely by 2017 we’ve reached a point where we can see Sean Hayes’s and Eric Mc Cormack’s rumps.

If Truvada, the HIV prevention pill, can appear in storylines on “How to Get Away With Murder,” surely it can be a steady, casual-to-serious presence on a “Will & Grace” reboot.“I think ‘Will & Grace’ probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody’s ever done so far,” Vice President Biden said on “Meet The Press” in 2012, explaining his support for gay marriage.The show debuted in 1998, the same year American parents tried to explain oral sex to their children and why anybody would beat Matthew Shepard to death.The characters should address the death of gay nightclubs and bookstores. They should debate marriage or sex addiction the way the “One Day at a Time” reboot beautifully and surprisingly debated God.They should name-drop Wesley Morris and Roxane Gay more than Banana Republic or Barneys. It would be great to see these gay men grapple with middle age as a kind of Golden Girls prequel.Heterosexual Grace (Debra Messing) got all the good bedroom scenes and sexual storylines.