Who is enya dating

That said, I'm not sure I'd recognise her if I passed her on the street." The waiter in a café in Dalkey village reckons she's been in a few times. This woman was wearing a tracksuit and walking shoes and had dark hair.She certainly looked liked Enya, didn't say much and paid with cash.

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You have to be seriously wealthy to afford an address here, especially if the home that takes your fancy is an eye-catching castle built in 1840.It is here that Enya -- Ireland's highest selling musical export after U2 with 75 million albums shifted to date -- has lived for 14 years.People are always looking for the negative angle." Ireland's music scene is incestuous -- everyone knows everyone else.Yet, very few have either met Enya or know anyone who's met her.I liked her a lot." "There's nothing aloof about Enya whatsoever," Nicky Ryan adds.

"It's a myth." The Dubliner is pivotal to the Enya success story.

Stop any of the steady stream of walkers on Victoria Road -- many with dogs in tow -- and they say they have never seen Enya in all the years they've walked by her castle. "I've lived in Dalkey for 17 years and I've never set eyes on her," one of them says.

"The gate is never, ever open." The high walls, locked gate and visible CCTV cameras serve a purpose -- Enya has had trouble with stalkers before, not least in 2005 when one of them gained access to her home.

Originally known as Victoria Castle, Enya renamed it Manderley after the house in the Daphne Du Maurier novel, Rebecca, which was memorably filmed by Alfred Hitchcock and starred Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine.

That the Manderley in the book burns down at the story's end does not seem to have bothered Enya.

She is said to adore the castle and the three acres of manicured gardens she has created there.