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"Bottom line, Liam got cold feet," says the source. So, though they say that Liam was the one who put his foot down, the two of them agreed to put things off.Apparently he felt like the stressful process of planning the wedding "seemed to be taking over their life." That happens so easily. "Miley was really having fun imagining her wedding." That's no surprise -- lots of people grow up imagining their weddings.Now, they can also reflect on Christmas as the time when Liam proved his love by not making fun of Miley's dad's mullet.

We're hearing that the wedding was called off -- but at least there's an explanation., Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus canceled their wedding -- for now.Because of how people are socialized by gender from a young age, a lot of those people are girls.But when a wedding actually looks like it might be on the horizon, daydreaming becomes planning. "But she knows it’s important to put a hold on everything." It's good that Miley has, according to this source, the right priorities.This couple's been engaged off and on for what feels like centuries, and there were even rumors that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth would get married on July 4th in a private ceremony.

Well, the Fourth of July and its fireworks have come and gone (unless you have alcoholic neighbors, in which case the fireworks may never end), and Miley and Liam remain engaged.Your wedding shouldn't be more important than your prospective spouse."She loves Liam and wants it to last forever when they take that step. explanation for a minor lifestyle change that we've ever seen.But we don't imagine that Miley was planning something so terrible that Liam had to postpone the wedding.(Though, if we were talking about this in 2015, maybe we'd have different suspicions) But maybe the source is speculating.In fact, maybe they misunderstood what they perceived to be a wedding date.