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No good, no good, intuits Holly, who lurches into action with the help of her handy new best friend Amy, or rather, Amy's uncle Ben (Chris Noth), who observes not-quite-offhandedly that a woman loves orchids, because they make her feel like ":she's floating on a cloud of possibility" (poetry is not precisely Ben's forte).

Before you know it, Holly is buying mom flowers and pretending they're from "the perfect man," hoping to distract her from Mr.

A series of predictable misunderstandings later, Jean has yet to discover Holly's tangled web weaving, and so she demonstrates where Holly might have picked up the idea hat lying online is a fine idea: she answers Holly's email from Adam in an effort to mend their briefly strained romance.

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Aria Summer Wallace is the American teen film and television actress, singer, musician, and songwriter.She made her television debut in the year 2002 and in the year 2005, she made her film debut.Dianna Agron likes being capable to shock people with their performances.The wonderful performer completed a name for them as a feisty singer and cheerleader Quinn Fabray on hit series on TV, Glee that even raised the incomes of its stars Chris Colfer and Lea Michele...Name days: Estonia 12th December: Aria Finland 4th December: Aria Latvia 13th January, 31st August: Aria Famous people: Aria Clemente (born 1995), Filipina singer and actress Aria Curzon (born 1987), American actress Aria Giovanni (born 1977), American porn actress Aria Wallace (born 1996), American actress Additional information: According to numerology a person who bears this name is fair, practical, social status oriented, temperamental, dominant.

In astrology the name is connected with three colors (yellow, green, red), and with three stones (amethyst, ruby, sapphire).That Holly is borrowing Adam's computer to run this ruse only makes the deceit weirder, as the camera shows him gazing on her from across his bedroom and falls in love with the nape of her lovely neck, as she's plunking.While this situation seems perverse -- boy watches girl court mother -- you might also dismiss it as a product of your own edgy imagination, except that the movie keeps pushing the point.According to The Perfect Man's illogic, Jean is not even a little picky. The latest breakup, which occurs as The Perfect Man begins, has them driving from Ohio to New York City, where Jean finds work at a busy bakery owned by an old friend, Dolores (Kym Whitley).While Jean meets and envies affianced contentedly coworker Gloria (Caroline Rhea), the girls head off to yet another new school."Lady, when you're with me, I'm smiling." Holly knows the plan is dicey (she blogs: "I know what I'm doing is borderline delusional," um, especially if mom were to read her blog) but she can't seem to help herself.