White picture sharing chat

That’s four coats the walls have had in the last couple of days. The colour the walls were was Chalk USA ( Dulux ) as shown above.

I felt really terrible about it but he said “it was ok, we all make mistakes” ( husband of the year I think! This warm white was a little bit to yellow for me and I wanted to brighten up the place a bit.

Everyone in a conversation sees these changes, whether it's a one-on-one conversation or huge group chat.

I chose the wrong white to paint the interior of my house.

Yes you read it correctly, I chose a very wrong white and my poor husband had to paint the whole interior of the house again.

Well, after several sample pots later I chose Natural White also by Dulux. This picture courtesy of House Nerd shows how warm Natural White can be and how it can look completely different in other peoples homes. White can be one of the trickiest colours to get right.

So I thought I would give some tips to help prevent you guys making the same mistake as me.

Your conversations will now stay in one continuous thread, which makes it easier to keep up with the messages from your contacts in a single place.

Meanwhile, the new Google Voice feels more like a viable alternative to your default messaging client, as you can now participate in group conversations and send photo MMS messages.

White On White is a cool white with grey/blue base tones. As the south facing room got painted it looked fantastic, but in the morning, the north facing room looked blue. Here is a chart from Dulux showing the variance on the colour white.

As you can see some of the whites are warmer like Chalk USA, Magnolia, and some of the whites are cooler, like White On White and Peplum.

Light plays a huge factor into how the white will appear and feel in your home. Paint in different parts of your house, north facing, south, east and west facing. View the samples in the morning, mid afternoon and evening before you make your decision.

So you are probably wondering what white I went with? As seen above ( excuse lazy teenagers on the couch) it is a bright white with the tiniest amount of warmth in it. Here is another picture of my dining room looking into the study/toy room before I had my new chairs. I know now I should have grabbed a White On White sample pot but at least I know in the future to use them.

On Android, users will again see snowflakes falling for any chat heads that are open on screen, and Facebook will also make it snow right in the conversation window whenever you send someone a "Santa, Christmas tree, or snow-related" emoji or sticker.