Lina mark livecam While updating my iphone i disconnect usb cable

This seems to be happening mostly on Apple products, as I don't see a single android user saying it's happening to them.I have android, it upgraded first try with zero problems, for the aircraft and the RC. Then after download, I connected the i Pad directly via USB to the Phantom to complete the install. The DJI Go tells me to download the firmware on DJI Go homepage. ) 2 - I followed the screen to download the firmware on the Go app (make sure your wifi is strong enough, I had to be close to my router to get a strong signal).

Since this update requires both an aircraft and RC update, it's causing some issues.

If you have issues, there are several posts in the forum with tips to get updated.

When I connect the bird to my macintosh and try to upgrade thru DJI Assistant it downloads the software and then says Upgrade failed. Every time I hit Continue Download, it just stops again and again.

I then proceeded as instructed and all I get is the infinite loop of telling me the Phantom 4 firmware upgrade package download was paused.

This procedure worked for me: ************************************************************** OK - I figured it out. Detailed firmware update instructions really should be included in the box on a single sheet of paper. On main screen of DJI GO app - the one where the P4 picture is displayed, you should get a message that a firmware update is available. DJI GO app should now display message indicating update is COMPLETE and instructs you to disconnect the USB cable from the P4 and reconnect it to the RC. Leaving RC and P4 turned ON, I disconnected the cable from the P4, disconnected the 4-in USB adapter cable, and plugged the USB connector back into the full-size USB connector on the back of the RC. Powered ON RC (i Pad turned on by itself) and restarted DJI GO app. Powered on P4 - after a minute or so DJI GO app indicates aircraft is connected. Press CAMERA icon on DJI GO main app screen and camera screen with live video image from P4 is displayed. BE SURE TO GO THROUGH EVERY MENU AND SET ALL OPTIONS TO YOUR PREFERRED SETTINGS INCLUDING: - Set Return to Home Altitude - Imperial vs.

This is a saved piece of forum post text that I grabbed before I received my P4. (Note: I disconnected the micro USB cable from the P4 and plugged it back in.) 14.Other android users I know it's the same with them.Update: After quite a while trying all of the recommended methods on the forum and from DJI tech support, I decided to keep hitting repeatedly the resume download button on the Go App every time it paused.Eventually, with great persistence, it downloaded completely. Remember if your craft is on LB will affect 2.4Ghz wifi and cause the craft download to pause, either select 5.8Ghz wifi if you have it or turn the craft and controller off until the download completely then turn back on, alternatively disconnect from co and move closer to router I had exactly the same problems as the OP and (think) I have solved it in the same way, repeatedly hitting the resume button.I plugged it into the aircraft with the supplied adapter and took a bit of time to recognize that the aircraft was plugged in but once it did, she did the upload and completed the update with no errors. Hopefully, DJI will get the MAC version of the Assistant 2 App compliant with the latest MAC OS and hardware before the next round of updates. This was after the DJI Assistant on OS X failing repeatedly to update the firmware and DJI Assistant on Windows 10 not recognising that the P4 was plugged in and hanging whenever I tried to log in.I wish they'd spent the time making that better than the packaging!