Westerners dating taiwanese women in taiwan

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Taiwanese women tend to react differently based on their dating experience.Young and inexperienced Taiwanese women go at a different speed than an internationally traveled and experienced more mature woman.- Cost of living is relatively low compared to Western countries.One can rent a room for 0 a month or an apartment for 0 a month, in most places (but in not the big cities).But they never tell you the negative downsides of a particular country.

Instead, they stick to political correctness and lighthearted non-controversial topics.

You can walk outside at any time of the night and feel totally safe.

- 80 percent of girls are either cute or hot, major eye candy.

- Buildings and streets have high safety standards.

Stoplights have timers on them, and subway platforms have glass walls to prevent anyone from falling off them. Taiwan is one of the safest countries in the world, next to Japan and Singapore.

In fact, it's their other primary interest besides making money.