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Edited by George O'Donnell the movie takes you into the life of the boys who live in such a public place was a 24/7 Internet conceptual art experiment created by Josh Harris in December 1999.With a format similar to TV's Big Brother, Harris placed tapped telephones, microphones and 32 robotic cameras in the home he shared with his girlfriend, Tanya Corrin.

All the rounds and webinars are recorded and can be viewed 24/7 after their release date for CE credit.

Entrepreneur and lifecaster Sarah Austin with founder Justin Kan in a photo by Brian Solis at Double Click's April 26, 2007 ad:tech party in San Francisco.

In 2004, Arin Crumley and Susan Buice met online and began a relationship.

They decided to forgo verbal communication during the initial courtship and instead spoke to each other via written notes, sketches, video clips and My Space.

Early apparatus used separate transmitting and receiving antennas.

Later apparatus evolved toward the appearance of ordinary eyeglasses in the late 1980s and early 1990s. stream continuous live first-person video from a wearable camera, was Steve Mann whose experiments with wearable computing and streaming video in the early 1980s led to Wearable Wireless Webcam.Six years later, the series was satirized by Albert Brooks in his first feature film, Real Life (1979).Evolution of lifecasting apparatus, including wearable computer, camera, and viewfinder with wireless Internet connection.Subscribe today to become a VETgirl ELITE member, not only for our Real-Life Rounds, but also to access over 30 hours of RACE-approved, online veterinary CE/year (9).That way, you know that you have flexibility to view any of our previous rounds or webinars when you have time.VETgirl understands that ivory tower medicine is not available to most, and not necessary for many. Practicing real life medicine is tough and we understand that we are all in the trenches together.