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“They love that Internet bench,” Funch says, comparing it to people in the same room watching television, conversation naturally springing from their shared entertainment.

The reality is that so much of what we do, especially when viewed through the stationary lens of a webcam, is mundane.In fact, the sheer ordinariness of our day-to-day routines can be seen as protection, a way to inoculate against privacy invasion by turning the Big Brother eye on yourself.“Anybody with a heart can watch that and feel good about it,” Funch says.Sachson says the cameras were so successful that now he has to time out the viewers — after four or five minutes of inactivity on the page, the feed stops streaming.Unlike sites that thrive on user-contributed content or taste-tailored recommendations, Opentopia operates on Web 1.0 principles: The site aggregates streaming webcams in a single place, presented without comment.

Trending cameras pop up on the homepage and recent keywords are listed on the search tab, but other than that, the site is open for unguided exploration. Opentopia’s algorithms automatically aggregate all its cameras from publicly available live video streaming feeds, although the webcam owners may not know their feeds are included.* * * Then again, some people could care less whether they’re on camera or not.As we start living more of our lives online, do our “real” lives become less compelling to watch?Take the camera of Susan Dennis, one of Opentopia’s most popular feeds.Her living room is a close runner-up for most frequently viewed, with more than 128,000 views since the site has been counting and nearly 800 comments on her page. Fuji reigns in the site’s top spot.) According to Funch, Dennis’ camera is one of the more contentious ones on the site because people assume that if it’s in her living room, it’s snooping or invading her privacy.But one of the most popular cameras was a simple park bench in Poland.