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This information is used by the network operating system to identify a connection and its parameters.

A network address is assigned to a number of neighboring stations and each station is identified by a second unique address, for example an IP address or a MAC (Media Access Control) address.

In one layer of the routing, the packets destined to the station are routed such that they arrive in the domain of all stations all sharing the same network address.

In a packet switching network, the user generated signals are presented and contained in packets.

The communications between two or more user terminals requires a route to be established between the involved terminals.

Therefore, a communications network having a number of routers, a number of base stations and a number of mobile units maintains communications with the mobile units by assigning a unique address known to the routing entities of the network to each mobile unit.

Once a router of the network receives topology update information specific to the mobile unit's new location, it updates its routing table such that packets destined to the mobile unit are routed in a path which terminates at the mobile unit and contains its new access point.When packets for the session are to be transmitted from the mobile unit to the wired network, the access point intercepts these packets and routes them to their destination and/or initiates root discovery to those destinations.When packets are to be transmitted between mobile units at different access points, the packets are sent between the current access points and not through home access points.Network subscribers or user terminals are connected to at least one switch or router in the network by a communications link which, in the case of a wireless terminal, is a wireless link.The communications network transports signals generated by the user terminal to another user terminal connected to the same communications network.In a mobile/wireless network, the access point and the addressable network domain of a mobile terminal changes as a result of the handoff of a mobile terminal from one access point to another. Location information is updated each time the mobile unit moves out of the range of one access point and into the range of another access point of the network.