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At the time he was Commanding Officer of 614 (County of Glamorgan) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force. Five years after the end of the war, many had served and survived great danger only to die on their way home from a rugby match.

Argus coverage at the time described the aftermath of the crash, saying: “On the floor of the bar at the 18th century inn Greenhouse, Llantarnam, when it was opened on Monday morning was a playing card.

The grief they tell of is a reminder of how drama on the pitch turned to horror off it all those years ago.

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A party from the Greenhouse pub in Llantarnam was also there.

The aircraft had been initially booked for 72 passengers, but the plane had been stripped to accommodate another six.

Star Girl rose steeply but then stalled and plummeted towards the ground with the right wingtip hitting the ground first, followed by the nose and left wing, which broke from the fuselage as it hit the ground.

The plane span around and finally came to a rest near in a field near the village of Sigingstone. Two of them were sitting in extra seats bolted in at the back of the tail section and walked away unaided, while a third man, who was in the lavatory and knocked unconscious at the time of the crash, survived but was in hospital for four months.

Mr John Maggs, of Llantarnam, who changed to an alternative flight, survived.

The other six, including the licensee of the pub, Bert Butcher, were killed.Don Rowlands had been an air gunner in the RAF during the war.From the Greenhouse Inn, seven had set out for the Ireland game and only one came back.Chadwick himself was killed when the Tudor he was flying in crashed in Manchester.Wales won the Grand Slam that year but it was a bitter sweet victory.Ireland had won the Triple Crown the previous year and the last time the two teams had met in Belfast, Ireland had won to secure the Grand Slam in 1948.