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The validity of marriages abroad is not dependent upon the presence of a US diplomatic or consular officer, but upon adherence to the laws of the country where the marriage is performed.

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It is our understanding that non-Vietnamese citizens are required to present the following documents. An application for marriage legally registered (the form is available at the Principal Registrar's Office); 2.A notarized, authenticated photocopy of your passport; 3.Vietnamese Marriage Requirements: Any application for marriage between a citizen of a foreign country and a Vietnamese citizen residing in Ho Chi Minh City should be filed in persons at the Principal Registrar's Office (Justice Department, Ho Chi Minh City).If the Vietnamese citizen is residing elsewhere, we suggest that you contact that person to inquire where an application for marriage may be filed.The longer the trip is, the more money they can rip off travelers.

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This means that the document must be authenticated by the state Secretary of State's office, by the US Department of State's Authentications Office and by the Vietnamese Embassy (addresses provided in item 2).

Please note the original registrar's statement will not be accepted by the Vietnamese marriage authorities more than three months old.

Marriage licenses in the United States are granted upon written application by the individuals concerned who declare themselves free to marry and are required to present evidence of the termination of any previous marriage. 52.3 provides that although a consular officer may have knowledge respecting the laws of marriage, the consular officer shall not issue any official certificate with respect to such laws.

Thus the individuals concerned are held responsible for and accountable for their statements. Affidavit of Eligibility/Freedom to Marry: Generally, Americans who wish to marry abroad execute a sworn statement regarding their civil status in the form of an "Affidavit of Eligibility/Freedom to Marry" before a consular officer at the US Embassy or Consulate in the Foreign Country.

In general, marriages which are legally performed and valid abroad are also legally valid in the United States.