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It is about trusting most one's direct experiences as a guideline for future action.Sensing is about being literal, concrete and practical, noticing “what is” as opposed to what “could be.” It is about remembering, cataloging and recalling, often with great detail, a wide variety of experiences and information.The Thinking mind seeks the truth, getting to the heart of the matter in an objective way.

Se - How is Sensing experienced when it is turned outward?Extraverted Sensing is about seizing the moment, becoming immersed in the here and now, pleasurably and spontaneously interacting with people, things, and situations of interest.It is directing action, calling plays, and making decisions.It is purposeful sorting out; discriminating among alternatives.Beliefs, understandings, and information is taken in and logically organized in clusters of thought, with principles at the foundation.

It strives to fit new pieces of information into clusters of thought where it most logically fits.Extraverted Thinking asks questions, collects information in an orderly way, and solves problems in a systematic manner.Extraverted Thinking (Te) is dominant in ESTJ & ENTJ and supportive in ISTJ & INTJ personality types.Introverted Feeling (Fi) is dominant in ISFP & INFP and supportive in ESFP & ENFP personality types. Sensing is about experiencing the world as it “is” - through using the five senses.It is about attending to the here and now, being aware of the tangible sensory impressions of the moment.To begin to understand the pattern of your own personality make-up, read the descriptions of each of the 4 personality mental processes and how each is typically experienced when used in either the external or internal world. Then check the four letter MBTI type codes that are aligned with each description you find best fits you to see if it validates your MBTI test report*.