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Nero: He is a magnificent example because he's been helping refugees his entire life.

Alf Dubs said, if we don't do that and if we don't follow the laws and the conventions, than fascism will creep in.

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Kerr fled Nazi Germany with her family in 1933 — a personal tale she wove into "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit." Cascada’s first single, "Miracle,” was released almost ten years ago, and it was an instant hit abroad.

At home in Germany, it only made it to 32nd place in the charts, but it was a number one hit in France.

The play was based on the book by Joan Didion, which reflected on her grief in the wake of her husband, John Gregory Dunne.

Redgrave had been Didion's first choice for the role.

Still stricken by grief, Abdullah Kurdi has said politicians have done too little to stop both the war in Syria and deaths of migrants at sea.

The 41-year-old lost his wife and two children, including 3-year-old Aylan.Her daughter Natasha, who was married to actor Liam Neeson, died in 2009 after a skiing accident.Redgrave has also a son, Carlo Gabriel Nero, from her longtime relationship with actor Franco Nero. In the late 1960s and early '70s, Redgrave showed her mastery of both classical and commercial fare, winning an Oscar and getting nominated for two more, and more followed.Later a controversial figure because of her political views, Redgrave was called “the greatest actress of our time” by Tennessee Williams.Redgrave picked up her first Emmy Award for the film.