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will not be displayed), hashing should be taken into consideration.The well-known example for hashing is storing the cryptographic hash of a password in a database, instead of the password itself.

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And if the user loses his passwords then validate by email only upon request within a contact form by a validated phone number stored in the database,, and then via their email account.

I think the best way to have a salt is not to randomly generate one or store a fixed one.

These items must be marked with the inmates name with permanent marker as we will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.* The telephone is turned on at a.m. Incoming calls to inmates are not accepted; all outgoing calls from inmates are limited to 10 minutes and must be made collect.

In accordance with the data protection law n°78-17 dated 6 January 1978, referring to the private data processing of person, modified by the law n°2004-801 dated 6 August 2004, you have the possibility to consult and rectify the details.

I would strongly recommend using SHA-2 or better the new SHA-3 hash algorithm.

MD5 is practically unusable, since there are very well working rainbow tables around the whole web. Of course you should never do a hash without salting!When posting comments, strictly observe correct spelling.Avoid incomplete words such as TY (as Thank You), Pls as Please, gud as good, dpt as dapat, etc. If you will not follow this simple instruction, your comment(s) will not be accepted or published. Guillen Address: Balilahan, Mabua, Tandag City Agency: Department of Education, Surigao del Sur Division Cp #: 09088646153 Flight date: November 18, 2017 Destination: Butuan to Manila 5J-790 Ticket: QDGEWJ Code: QDGEWJ Sir/Ma'am: Greetings!In PHP 5.5 or newer password functions provide a convenient way to hash sensitive data and work with these hashes.In PHP 5.3.7 » password_compat library can also be used.It must be court ordered by the Judge at sentencing.