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A sculpture of dueling gold dragons spans Broadway and marks the entrance to Chinatown with a statue honoring the Kuomintang founder Dr. The enclave contains Buddhist temples, Chinese Christian church (with services conducted in Cantonese), and a temple devoted to the Chinese Goddess of the Sea.

Chinatown is home to family and regional associations and general service organizations for long time immigrants (called in Cantonese: The San Gabriel Valley in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles is home to the U.

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However, most of its Chinese businesses and architecture are gone.The neighborhood had a vibrant Chinese community in the early 1900s.This article contains a list of the Chinatowns, which are either officially designated neighborhoods or historically important in the United States.Historically speaking, many of these Chinatowns were formed in the 1800s and have served as ethnic enclaves.In the city of Los Angeles proper, the old inner-city Chinatown was built during the late 1930s–the second Chinatown to be constructed in Los Angeles.

Formerly a "Little Italy," it is presently located along Hill Street, Broadway and Spring Street near Dodger Stadium in downtown Los Angeles with restaurants, grocers, and tourist-oriented shops and plazas.

Throughout the early 1840s and 1850s, China was at war with Great Britain and France in the First and Second Opium Wars.

The wars, along with endemic poverty in China, helped drive many Chinese immigrants to America.

Historically, most Chinatowns started as enclaves of ethnic Chinese people.

Many of these Chinatowns have experienced gentrification as the demographics shifted.

While some Chinatowns have retained their status as the ethnic Chinese enclave, many of them have lost that status.