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The first WM6 devices are now shipping, though their number is still very limited.

Most handhelds debuting after June 2007 will ship with Windows Mobile 6.

User Agent) from the Professional: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible, MSIE 6.0, Windows CE; IEMobile ) When the Classic appears the following result: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible, MSIE 6.0, Windows NT 5.1, Windows Phone Welcome to Stack Overflow.

Well, you've put the tag information in your subject line (which you shouldn't do - it belongs in the tags), and seem to have forgotten to ask a question. Java Script works in IE but not in my C# webbrowser component.

Many aspects of this program are designed for the synchronization of important files and business data.

Albeit, it's for sharing data of any origin, but it's the businessman who find this tool irreplaceable once they've installed it.

Like Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 comes in three flavors, two for touchscreen devices including stand-alone PDAs and PDAs with built-in phone hardware, and one for non-touchscreen smartphones.

However, the new software versions will have a new naming scheme: As you can see, Microsoft has dropped the term "Pocket PC" from the titles of its mobile OS versions.Now my code checks and changes this reg key to zero (if not alreday 0) and then calls Initialize Components(). The key will change the behaviour of the webbrowser in another way too: the arrow keys now do not move the focus from link to link but they scroll the webbrowser view. EDIT: here is a code sample: using System; using System. Some reports indicate that Microsoft may wish to move away from the terms "Pocket PC" and "Pocket PC Phone" altogether in favor of terms like "Windows Mobile PDA," "Windows Mobile PDA Phone" and "Windows Mobile Smartphone." Hardware Changes When Windows Mobile 5 debuted in May 2005, compatibility with a wide range of new hardware was announced, such as support for high capacity mini hard drives and flash memory chips, Persistent Memory Storage, and USB 2.0.Windows Mobile 6 doesn't sport any entirely new hardware technologies, but does build on previous updates.Getting your e-mail from web-based e-mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo! When Windows Mobile 5 debuted, Active Sync 4.0 debuted with it, and quickly received poor reviews because of its numerous connectivity issues.