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At first, only Fu with Haku on occasion claimed the right to be in his bed, and do more then just sleep in it.

However, after time past, Naruto got to know each female that had joined his family, and one by one had joined him in his bed..more then just sleep.

During that time waiting for the eventual bomb of epic female rage from Fu to go off, Anko had told Tenten that she shouldn't just jump into an all out relationship with Naruto just yet, but simply to test the waters in seeing if she would be interested in being a part of the Namikaze's family, and if being with another woman in that way was a problem?

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While Tenten went to see Naruto, a now angry Fu, who had learned of Anko's harshness towards her hubby went snake hunting with spear in hand, and had caused some extensive damage to the village before Tsunade had to restrain a crazy eyed Fu from literally taking a chunk of Anko's butt off with the spear before going after other parts of the Special Jounin's body.

After some words of clarification were spoken, Fu apologized (more to Tsunade for the rampage then attacking Anko), and the Special Jounin did too before being told by the female Hokage that the apology should be given to Naruto.

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Strangely enough, Anko had come to the rescue in Tenten's confused state of mind, as the Special Jounin had been secretly been trying not to piss herself in fear knowing an angry Fu could be right around the corner, and the seven-tailed Jinchuriki go psycho on her was not something the woman wanted on her conscious right now.

Sure, Anko herself was a bit crazy at times, but Fu was the kind of girl, who loved her man, and kicked the ass of every woman into the ICU if they hurt her hubby in some way.

Roshi had, in his own way, expressed interest in Wave Country, and Han had admitted to Naruto that he had found the female Mizukage to be quite the interesting woman.

That aside, Naruto made sure to keep his skills up while expanding his arsenal by having Jiraiya, who being his Godfather after all, teach him a few things like the Rasengan, and modified it so it could work using his psionic energy.

Hana had requested her own dogs be allowed to live in Naruto's home, which the young Namikaze accepted since he understood her bond she had with the animals, and let them move in without problems.

All he asked was they not mark their territory all over the clan home and not make a mess of the house like some dogs were known to do.

Of course, Naruto did not want the others to be left out of this, as he had Tsunade train Hinata along with Haku to be a medic on account of their skill allowing the two girls to do many promising things, and even got the female Hokage to teach her new students how to use the Super Strength ability that Tsunade was most notorious in using in a fight.