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Before starting this tutorial, you should: In the Server Explorer window, if you already have a HR schema connection, expand it to connect to the database. Open the working directory to where you extracted the

As an example, the screen shot below identifies the HR schema as HR. Enter HR for the User name and a password and click OK. If you do not have a HR connection, then right-click on Data Connections in Server Explorer. Select Default as the Role and click Test Connection. Find the INCREASE_SALARY_BY_10, UPDATE_AND_RETURN_SALARY and OUTPARAM stored procedures.

Now open page and write the code like as shown below If you observe above example we implemented LINQ to SQL select, insert, update and delete operations. Following is the result of LINQ to SQL crud operations (insert, update, delete and select) example.

This is how we can use LINQ to SQL to perform insert, update, delete and select operations in c#,

C# void Delete Record(object sender, Grid Record Event Args e) void Update Record(object sender, Grid Record Event Args e) void Insert Record(object sender, Grid Record Event Args e) void Rebind Grid(object sender, Event Args e) Sub Delete Record(sender As Object, e As Grid Record Event Args) Dim db As New Northwind Data Context() Dim cust = (From c In db.

Submit Changes() End Sub Sub Update Record(sender As Object, e As Grid Record Event Args) Dim db As New Northwind Data Context() Dim cust = (From c In db.

= null) [/code] I wasn't receiving any errors, but when I looked at my test record in CRM - it hadn't been updated.

Our project management and consulting is designed to achieve timely delivery, 100 percent user adoption of the technologies we implement and deliver measurable returns on investments for our clients.To start off, I used the CRM SDK code generation tool (Crm Svc Util.exe) to create my CRM classes. Save Changes(); [/code] However, when I tried to update a record I ran into some issues. So even though you think you updated a record, the change was actually never saved.I also configured my application to use the XRM client, as outlined here. First Or Default(); [/code] CREATE: [code language="csharp"] var order = new Crm. Let's say for example, if there exists an account with the same Name and Address I want to update the record with the phone number of the import record. To fix this, we need to notify CRM that the record has changed before we save, using Update Object: [code language="csharp"] xrm. Save Changes(); [/code] Once I made this change for my updates, they all worked well.C# Code Before we start implement LINQ to SQL Insert update and delete operations first we need to create a database with required tables and map those tables to LINQ to SQL file (.dbml) if you don't know the process don't worry check this link create and map database tables to LINQ to SQL file (.dbml).Once we create and map required tables to file now we will show data in our application for that Right click on application → select Add → New Item → Select Web Form → Give name as and click OK button.Now that everything was set up I was ready to begin retrieving, and manipulating records. I had something like this: [code language="csharp"] var account = xrm. Hopefully this helps anyone else who comes across this issue!