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We have held our chapter rallies in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and name a few locations.

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Congratulations to Grace Sheble, Caroline Sheble, Olivia Erickson, and Cooper Ackerly who demolished the previous 13/14 800 Freestyle Relay record.

Their time of .96 bettered the previous record by over 6 seconds!!

If you want to rally with our chapter members, name the spot and we'll look into the planning, or we'll help you plan it.

We have members with lots of experience doing long-distance event planning. (New members joining between September 1st and December 31st are considered "paid" for the coming calendar year.) A series of renewal reminder emails is sent to all members beginning in December, and continues through March to only those members remaining in arrears.

We've been "Roughing It Smoothly" since 2009 and have more than 180 member coaches throughout North You can contact us via email at [email protected]

Before doing so, take a look around the information on our web site.

The last changes were made by the members at the Annual Meeting in 2015. Any natural person, firm, association, corporation, business trust, partnership, Federal agency, state or political subdivision thereof, or body politic (each hereinafter referred to as “person,” “applicant,” “member,”) shall be eligible to become a member of, and, at one or more premises owned or directly occupied or used by the applicant, to receive electric service from Central Alabama Electric Cooperative (hereinafter called the “Cooperative”).

No membership shall be transferable except as may be permitted in these Bylaws.

Its more than 10,000 professionals are guided by the UL mission to promote safe working and living environments for all people.

We partner with businesses, manufacturers, trade associations and international regulatory authorities to bring solutions to a more complex global supply chain.

Below are the current Central Alabama Electric Cooperative Bylaws.