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I found GOSSL and Cert Wiz, GUIs for Windows, after a quick search. If you have an interal box running Apache web server with PHP and the Open SSL libraries installed, you could also use PHPki.

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However you can give people one of the files, the "public" one, that will be created and they can manually import it.

From then on your certificates will load just like the commercial ones.

[Note: I found it not too hard to migrate manually to PHPki after already having created some certificates from the command line.

Also you must have short tags enabled in your ] Only command line steps will be covered here.

1) Create a directory Let's call it sslcert: 5) Create a root certificate All other certificates you create will be based off of this.

Because you are not a commercial certificate authority, software may complain when they use your certificates.

By 'not robust' I mean that they require a more well designed board to let the work correctly.

Microcontrollers are a multifeature device with several ways of interfacing the world but they are not the fastest in none of them.5) DSP are not designed to be a 'robust' device.

I've tried nearly every option on my Windows 7 control panel, but to no avail.

Even with my power plan settings directing my computer to never go to sleep and to never turn off its display, it still does the same thing.

Web servers, imap servers, smtp servers can be configured to use ssl connections and there are many other uses for ssl certificates, such as encrypting email or digitally signing documents.