Updating a valentine 1

The detector can receive the following signals and bands: At the bottom of the display are eight horizontally aligned LEDs that indicate the strength of the radar signal the unit is receiving.As the radar signal intensifies (e.g., when closing the distance to the radar source), the LEDs gradually illuminate from left to right until all eight LEDs are lit, thus warning that the radar threat is in close proximity.POP Coverage on Ka band: Note: POP Protection on K band is incompatible with Traffic Monitor Filter. All in, I'm close to a grand and the site tells me another 200 will get me the latest. Ive always used this brand so unable to compare to Valentine.

updating a valentine 1-29

Stolen units usually appear in very short ads on craigslist and have a ridicules low price (especially for version 1.8 units) that sounds too good to be true.Price ranges for 1.8 units can range around 5-0, depending on how old is the unit, software version, its condition and if any other accessories are included with it like mount, power cord, manual, original box etc.At the same time, the letter "J" will flash briefly in the Bogey Counter. New standard V1 accessories: New windshield mount with new suction cups. When running the serial # on these units, click on the upgrade report to see how much it would cost to upgrade the unit later on.

If the unit cost plus upgrade cost exceed 0, you can pass on the deal, unless you don’t plan to upgrade or buying the unit for someone else as a gift and have them pay for the upgrade later on.

On the front of the unit, there is a display which contains a single seven segment readout which shows how many radar sources or 'bogeys' the unit is receiving.

There are four vertically aligned LED's that indicate which band of radar the unit is receiving.

Bought my first Valentine 1 shortly after college graduation & bought my first 5L Mustang 25 years ago.

It's a tall unit, now sitting on my bookshelf at home. Buy new other radar detector (Escort, etc...) for similar or higher price Thoughts...?

Here are both versions side by side, you can notice the difference in size, the older 1.7 is thicker than the newer 1.8, this is because the laser detection circuitry.