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This resulted in my working 20 days on this show, the most total days I worked on any single show.It was an interesting show to work on, and although I didn't have much contact with the actors, who played high school and college age kids, I worked often enough to develop opinions of them.

Several extras I knew worked there for quite a few days. Mostly just lying on the beach, but had such background scenes as sitting on a patio having a drink, looking out over the beach from a balcony of one of the cabanas, walking by one of the cabanas outside the door while tossing a football up in the air, and watching a volleyball tournament.

Off camera, I remember a few things about those two days.

In game, no errors, no downloading chinese dll etc etc So if you have a friend that plays, copy paste them files I would say lol Seems that if you get the errors like I had, you miss a lot of files (see error.txt) in your game folder.

TALES OF AN EXTRA Over the 2-1/2 years I worked as an extra, I was cast 15 times on "Beverly Hills 90210" the most times on a single show for me.

Finally, we waived goodbye as the limousine pulled away. During the summer of 1992, quite a few scenes were shot in Santa Monica at the beach, at a location called "The Beverly Hills Beach Club".

The story line was that several of the cast were members, and Brandon Walsh worked there on a summer job.

My car was selected to be one of the automobiles parked in front of the Walsh house when the bride and groom made their departure, so I got a "bump" (extra pay) for that.

Reception scenes continued in the back yard on that second day, and by evening we moved to the front yard for the departure of the bride and groom.

It was interesting that we were filmed dancing with no music and wearing padding over our shoes so as not to be heard.

This was so that the only sound would be the actors saying their lines. The wedding reception scene was continued the next day, and I was one of a handful of extras selected by Peter to return.

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