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He’s waddling along, saying hi to all and sundry, and I have to concede it’s a cute set-up: to go from one of the smallest stars in Hollywood to one of the tallest.

Alexander Skarsgård is 6ft 4in, aged 35, and seemingly getting bigger by the day.

They played me tapes from inside the Humvee from when they were being shot at and the tone of his voice is no louder than we’re talking now.

You hear the bullets ricocheting off the outside and he just remains composed and precise.” The emotionless Swede has long been a stereotype.

The couple are said to have split over a month after their second anniversary, after the Tarzan actor, 40, had enjoyed a date with Leonardo Di Caprio's model ex Toni Garrn.

Alexander, 40, and Alexa, 33, were last seen together in May, earlier this year, and had made a rare appearance together at the Met Gala in New York.

She said: 'If someone says, "Do you want to meet for dinner? " and then usually, if they're funny and get it they say no.'The fashion designer then told Harper's Bazaar that she believes she is a 'nightmare' to date. It makes me a nightmare to date, I think.'Alexa has previously dated fashion photographer David Titlow and Arctic Monkeys star Alex Turner.

She said: 'I don't like being told what to do and I don't want to be penned in. She and Alex were together for four years between 2007 until 2011.

I find the heart-throb star of True Blood and the forthcoming Battleship – a man described by Vanity Fair as “one of the most beautiful creatures to ever walk the face of the Earth” – sequestered in a musty old make-up/changing room tucked away down one of the sun-starved Universal alleys.

The room hasn’t been touched since the Seventies judging by the aggressively mustard carpet and leatherette sofas, but he doesn’t seem in the least put out.

“We’re fighting aliens, so it was important to make the real parts as real as possible.” He admits he was initially sceptical about the prospect of making an effects-heavy action film conceived by Hasbro, the toy-making creatives responsible for the Transformers franchise – he’d heard “horror stories” from actors on similar tent-pole films.

But he was convinced by the “‘ironic macho” attitude of Berg, and stresses the key to his part was not overreacting to approaching danger, however massive and intergalactic.

We start off with Battleship, an unabashed summer blockbuster and his first attempt at a popcorn movie.