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Remember the player counts and why it varies like that?

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The purpose of an Eco Round is to be able to buy better weapons 2-3 rounds later.This can make Counter-Strike matches feel like a see-saw battle, where a team gets 3 wins in a row, the opponent comes back with rifles and then takes 3 wins to tie, for example.For standard games, the teams usually alternate banning maps until only one remains.In best-of-3 or best-of-5 matches, teams are allowed to ban respectively 2 and 1 map each, with the games being played on the remaining maps.As the healer, the Medic is an essential piece for any team. The Scout, Soldier, and Demomen all possess both high mobility and high damage output without sacrificing one or the other, so the standard team roster naturally fell into place.

Defending the frontline of the battlefield along with Medic and Demoman, he is essentially the tank for the team.Sometimes, a team's sniper will use the automatic sniper rifles (SCAR and GSG) instead of the AWP.The low-end assault rifles (FAMAS and Galil) are often only seen in "forced-buy" rounds where a team can no longer afford to lose another round and buy whatever they can with remaining funds.Professional gaming, progaming, and competitive gaming are all blanket terms used to describe the competitive, organized, and often financially sponsored playing of games at a high level.Because the competitive scene varies from game to game, each game's competitive scene should have their own section below.Whoever gets all 5 control points gets a score and the team with the most score by the end of the time limit is the winner. In the beginning of the match, the middle point, AKA the "mid", have to be captured and the team who arrives there first has the advantage, so naturally teams want to arrive there first using various methods for their "rollout".