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According to several outlets, they’re now planning to move in together. Others are already speculating on what her official title will be after they actually tie the knot.

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Find out what your crush’s favorite flower is and send a bouquet. Prince Harry allegedly sent Markle enough bouquets to make a garden.

And if you can’t find her favorite petal, remember: roses are cliché. Being a prince obviously doesn’t hurt your chances.

What you do need, however, is some good old-fashioned gentlemanly charm.

Here—courtesy of a prince—are the 10 ways you should go about your wooing.

When you’re rolling solo, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just introducing yourself to a beautiful woman with confidence and taking it from there. After Nonoo introduced the two, Prince Harry kept a respectful distance and charmed Markle over text.

But having a friend say, “Hey, this guy’s all right,” in a social setting can remove the stress and mutual suspicion that can go hand-in-hand with introductions. We don’t know for certain, but we’re willing to bet he sent a grand total of zero inappropriate photos. For normal people, the Natural History Museum’s doors close just before p.m.If you don’t have any close friends who are about to take the plunge, just consider taking her on the next-best thing: a beach vacation.Eagle-eyed observers figured out the couple is a couple by spotting Markle wearing a necklace engraved with an “H” and an “M.” And while we’re sure Markle has nothing against the global fast-fashion retailer, it makes far more sense that those inscriptions are for “Harry” and “Meghan.” It’s a helpful reminder that grand, if subtle, gestures go a long way. I’m the sole breadwinner with a husband who stays at home. Reader Working Mommy writes, I’ve been coming home from work this week and the house is trashed and laundry is still not put away.actress and activist Meghan Markle, are simply floating on air.