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[Read: 15 ways to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex exciting] #4 Pay attention to her erogenous zones.

Try to read her mind when you’re having sex with her.

Avoid asking questions because questions and confusing answers are big distractions, and they’ll take the passion straight out of the sex. If she moves her pelvis faster, she wants you to go faster.

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[Read: 10 sexy ways to make long term sex feel like a one night stand instantly] But if you’re making out with a girl for the first time, you’re walking on a minefield because you just don’t know what she likes or totally hates in bed.

So instead of focusing on positions or angry sex, just use these tips and you’ll have her moaning and clutching the sheets in no time, even if it’s only your first time with her!Let your hands and lips wander all over her body, and once you’ve tasted and lingered on every part of her, you can get closer to her breasts. Remember, girls take a while to get completely aroused and ready for sex.The delay and the anticipation would drive her crazy! Penetrating her when she’s dry or barely aroused may hurt her, and even if she’s just ready for penetration, she may not enjoy it as much as she would if you take some time indulging in foreplay.Each time a girl moans involuntarily because she can’t hold herself back, it’s a high that just can’t be matched. [Read: 13 untold sex secrets you definitely need to know! Making love to a woman isn’t just about penetration. And you can’t hurry through the process unless she’s aroused already.There are several sex positions, tongue twisters and pelvic thrusts that could make you feel like a superstar in bed.And unfortunately, not all of these moves work very well because every woman is different.