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However, when we get advice in the form of marriage advice quotes by famous people, we tend to sit up and take notice.

Looking back on the past doesn’t help much, but you can always make a new start and make an improvement in the current state of things.Everyone sees marriage through their own unique viewpoint and so you’ll find that some of these marriage advice quotes resonate more with you than others. Just remember that marriage is a journey, where both of you grow and learn every day.There are quotes that are eloquent and beautiful, making you go ‘awww,’ and there are also quotes that elicit a small chuckle.So, we’ve decided that rather than list out more marriage tips, we’ll give you some thought-provoking quotes.Funny marriage advice quotes Life needn’t be serious all the time, and marriage certainly doesn’t! No one likes it rubbed in their face when they’re wrong.

These funny marriage advice quotes are bound to relate to you on some point, and make you smile at the same time. So if you’re right, just accept it graciously and leave it at that. Couples often forget that the two of them are from different backgrounds with different tastes and opinions. Many men just tune out when their wives are speaking to them, and this leaves the wives feeling ignored.

Being friends makes spouses act like true partners sharing and helping each other out. People are too impatient these days; in an age of instant everything, they want instant resolutions to marital conflict and have no patience to wait for the good part.

It’s important to expect good times with the bad; neither is permanent. This quote is perfect to describe that marriage actually requires work.

Ego is one of the main reasons of many fights in a marriage.

A small matter just keeps escalating because no one’s ready to give in.

You can’t just have a wedding and then expect everything to magically move on after that.