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If you are pregnant, most tests show a color change or a symbol shows in the indicator area of the test strip or on the part of the test device.

If you suspect you're pregnant, chances are you're considering taking a home pregnancy test. They're readily available, easy to use, and can buy you peace of mind -- not to mention quick results!

Midstream kits have a test strip that you hold in your stream of urine for several seconds.

These tests are very sensitive to movement and human error so they're rarely used today.

The test kits you find in your drugstore today are much more sophisticated. and First Response contain special antibodies that detect minute traces of h CG in urine.

A color change indicates a positive or negative result.

Products such as Clearblue Easy use a testing method called "rapid assay delivery," which can give results in only three minutes and even inform the user if the test hasn't been done properly.

If you do the test as soon as you have missed a period and the results show you are not pregnant (negative results), repeat the test in 1 week if your menstrual period has not started, or have a pregnancy test done at your doctor's office or a clinic.

For any home test, you should follow some general guidelines: Carefully read the instructions that come with the home kit. Be sure to read the result at the appropriate time indicated in the instructions for accurate results.If you have a kit that asks for a morning urine sample, test urine that has been in the bladder for at least 4 hours.A first morning urine sample (that has collected in the bladder overnight) gives the most accurate test results.But before you head to the pharmacy to buy a home testing kit, learn the answers to some basic home pregnancy test questions from the National Women's Health Information Center.How soon after conception is a pregnancy test effective?In the 1970s, a method called ring or tube agglutination testing used a test tube containing prepackaged red blood cells to detect h CG in urine.