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Luke says that when Jesus returns for His people Israel at the Second Coming, He has already been to a wedding.Paul tells us that after the Rapture of the Church we meet the Lord for the great Marriage of the Lamb wedding supper.

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The Bible says that after the physical regathering of Israel, which took place in 1948, the Jews and Israel would be in the land but far from God in their hearts and minds.

This is the exact condition we see today in places like Tel Aviv, which is the Sodomite capital of the world.

Revelation starts the ‘honeymoon’ in amazing fashion!

These passages alone show proof positive that the Church is already in heaven prior to the Second Coming, there is no other way the marriage could take place.

Nowhere in the passage does it mention a resurrection will take place at this time, in stark contrast to the resurrection of Church saints Paul talks about in 1 Thessalonians 4.

Matthew paints a picture of stark terror and physical judgments falling upon the Earth, and then people shall see the ‘Son of man’ coming down from Heaven.

Today we present for your consideration a second installment of our Bible Believers Guide To Understanding The Differences Between The Rapture And The Second Coming. Paul says in 2 Timothy that believers will receive crowns in ‘that day’ that takes place at the time of the Rapture of the Church.

John, in Revelation 4, is taken up in type in the Rapture and when he gets there he witnesses elders with crowns 2 chapters before the start of the time of Jacob’s trouble in Revelation 6.

Not only that, before the judgment falls, the people in the ark are taken ‘up and out’ as they rise above what rages below. They are two remarkably distinct and different events with two polar opposite conclusions.

So we see that this is a type picture of the Church, redeemed in Jesus the Door, being removed prior to judgement. We hope this Bible study has been a blessing to you, please pray over it and be a ‘workman’ as we are commanded to be and run all the references listed here.

In Revelation -21, we clearly see the Second Coming of Jesus Christ at the Battle of Armageddon.