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Consider establishing some guidelines for your kids to follow when they're behind the wheel.Consider the following safe driving tips for teens: To make sure your teen follows these guidelines and more, consider signing a parent-teen driving agreement.Make sure you keep your lines of communication open.Consider talking to your teen about these tips for staying healthy in college. Regular preventive care allows your doctor to prevent and detect disease, if it occurs, so treatment has the best chance of success.Feb 9-11, 2018 Convinced the pigeons are plotting against him, Frank sets out on an adventure to solve a problem that perhaps isn’t really there in this darkly comedic yet heartfelt story that spins articulate puppetry, live music, and lo-fi special effects into an epic tale about the illusion of safety and control in the context of the end of the world. Join us as we celebrate puppetry in all its many possible forms.

Explore puppetry’s more mature side with our performances for adults and teens. These shows are visually striking and thought provoking.

"And then, slowly, I started to open up a little bit." But just as students were getting comfortable, a loud bell signaled them to switch partners and start all over again: a new introduction, a new handshake, a new challenge to keep up with a fast-talking professional. And the professionals didn't take it easy on them."I didn't think I needed to adjust how I talked to them," Morgan Pelt, from the Ohio Development Services Agency, said.

"I remember being in their shoes, being scared and all those feelings when talking to an adult.

New students there are learning that keeping up with the grown-ups, especially in a professional setting, is a skill to be honed.

Cristo Rey Columbus, a college-preparatory, Catholic high school that opened five years ago Downtown, welcomed 110 freshmen seven days ago with a weeklong course in soft skills and professionalism.

"But talking to adults is essential if you are going to be successful in a professional work environment.”Students at Cristo Rey find themselves in that environment very quickly.