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So by joining forces on innovation we can create jobs and also more sustainable economic growth, and tackle by that joint challenges such as climate change more effectively," he concluded.

For many people, Sweden and Switzerland seem almost impossible to tell apart.

Ask any Swede, or Swiss person for that matter, if they’ve ever been subject to people confusing their country with that “other European country with almost the same name”, and you’ll get a lot of nodding heads.

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“We decided to put an end to the confusion by sending those in need of clarification to Switzerland, accompanied by a Swedish tour guide, to once and for all explain the differences between the countries,” Gabriel Leupold, Senior Director Sales Nordic & Baltic Countries, Lufthansa Group, said of the marketing campaign.

Sweden and Switzerland may share many common points: They are both democracies located in Europe, have a history of neutrality, have great skiing stations and stunning nature.

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But the airline is not the first to launch such an initiative.

In 2013, Swedish authorities launched a competition in China, where people were invited on social media to come up with funny ways to keep Sweden and Switzerland apart.

The European Union urgently needs a new common asylum system built on shared responsibility between all the Member States.

We also discussed ways to address all the root causes of migration, including in countries in sub-Saharan Africa where both France and Sweden have a presence," Löfven said in his statement.

"I have always considered what some call 'the Swedish model' a true source of inspiration in many respects," France's President continued.

Some of the subjects the two leaders discussed in the French capital included the EU, climate change and migration.

"Sweden took on more than its share of responsibility by receiving more than 160,000 asylum seekers in 2015 alone, and its appeal for solidarity in this area in the European Union has been heard," Macron noted in reference to Sweden taking in a record number of asylum seekers that year.