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She said that she owes her success to her college experience.Valpo Graduate, Eleni Kametas, Wvur, Radio, Loyola University Colin Mc Gregor Valparaiso University has recently begun the nomination process for awarding Debra Rae Sikora an honorary doctorate in humane education.You pull out your textbook, a pencil, paper, class notes, a calculator, and your cell phone.

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Emily Doherty For those of you who are fans of fashion publications, you may be aware of the new interviewing incentive taken by the popular women’s fashion magazine Vogue.

The interviews began back in March 2014 with an interview at actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s New York City home. Vogue, Sarah Jessica Parker, Interview, Fashion Magazine, 73 Questions David Purvis-Fenker On Wednesday, April 3, 2013, all members of Valparaiso University’s Greek community received an email from Carolyn Whittier, assistant dean of students for Greek Life, leadership and volunteer programs, stating that the charter of the Beta Lambda chapter of the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity had…

Valparaiso University, News, Vu News, Greek Life, Sigma Pi, Chi Omega, Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma Tau Gamma, Fraternity, Sorority, Controversy Robert Augsdorfer Fans filled the stands at Brown Field and the 4,492 in attendance had plenty to cheer about during the football game on Saturday against the Stetson Hatters.

The highlight of the game was a game-saving interception by defensive back J. Nunes in the Stetson endzone late in the fourth quarte…

Michele Reyes With Fall 2013 on the horizon and class registration well underway, the Valparaiso University community has begun to seriously consider potential effects of the changes to the daily class schedule announced this past January via e-mail from Provost Mark Schwehn.

Class, Schedule, News, Vu News, Valparaiso University, Break Jillian Holtzer Scene: One hour until class and you think there is enough time to start your math homework.

During the past six months in Germany, I’ve learned that there are some differences between the mindset of couples and dating in the United States and the mindset in Germany.

Valparaiso University, Germany, Study Abroad, Dating, Culture Jordan Dubberke The latest craze in entertainment has made its way to Valparaiso.

Sigma Tau Gamma, Sig Tau, Charter, Revoke, Brotherhood, Hazing, Valparaiso University Ricky Cody, Rebecca Gesme Since the first group of students moved into Alumni Hall in fall of 1966, rumors surfaced about the ghost of a little girl lurking within the halls, and the most stories are concentrated in room 337.

Valparaiso University, Alumni Hall, Ghost Story, Haunted Doors, Revisited Haley Just Welcome to 2013, Indiana.

Schrombeck is one of 31 first-generation college students to have received this award.