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Plus, your booty looks good and no one’s complaining about that!Feasibility: 10Impressiveness: 10Romanticness: 9Comments: OBVS it depends on the chair (try a cozy armchair or, better yet, an old school rocking chair) but it’s cozy, intimate, easy, and yet still kind of interesting without being too ambitious.

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Feeling comfortable discussing your sexuality is key to having a better sex life, and knowing sexting can both help you discover your wants and needs as well as connect with your partner on an intimate level.Before the days of emoji, the only way to visually boost your sexts was to include a nude pic.Females: ages 1 to 3: average 0.7, recommended 1.0–1.5; ages 4 to 8: average 0.8, recommended 1.5–2.5; ages 9 to 13: average 1.0, recommended 1.5–3.0; ages 14 to 18: average 1.1, recommended 2.5–3.0; ages 19 to 30: average 1.4, recommended 2.5–3.0; ages 31 to 50: average 1.6, recommended 2.5–3.0; ages 51 to 70: average 1.8, recommended 2.0–3.0; ages 71 : average 1.5, recommended 2.0–3.0.Fruits group: The average fruit intake in cup-equivalents is compared to the recommended intake range for males and females in a series of age groups.), and you have the perfect emoji recipe for anilingus. The first time I remember seeing this position was when Marnie and Booth Jonathan got their starfish on in Girls Season One.

It may not be your go-to position, but if you're sexting and want to let your partner know you're DTS (down to starfish), this emoji combo will serve you well.Fancy poodle emoji is the only option for expressing your desire for doggy.It's so much classier than the little mutt that most people would gravitate toward.Feasibility: 1.5Impressiveness: 10Romanticness: 9Comments: It’s sooo romantic, but unless the lifter is a bodybuilder and the liftee is generally tiny, the latter person might feel a little weight-conscious.Feasibility: 10Impressiveness: 9Romanticness: 7Comments: *bonus points for no cleanup and feeling cleaner after you do the dirty, minus points for it being dangerous, water gets everywhere, and hard to find good props to hold you, too slippery, too small* Feasibility: 1Impressiveness: 7 *clever Romanticness: 8Comments: *extra points because it's good for osteoporosis*This maneuver is as creative is it is comfortable.Sexting is more than just a hobby for horny teens — it can be an art form, a creative medium through which to express your innermost sexual desires.