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The attention that AN architects paid to every detail is used efficiently for a luxury and comfort purpose.These hotels had all the modern conveniences of that time.Mucha is certainly the most well known Czech AN artist in the world.

This building was originally built in 1878 adopting a classical revival style and then it was turn into Art Nouveau by Polivka to meet public taste.The metal work of the balconies, the door with stain glasses, the wall covering mosaic (by Jan Preisler) have been greatly restored.A gem of genuine Art Deco architecture, Art Deco Imperial Prague Luxury Hotel provides exclusive accommodation and superior services to business and leisure travelers who prefer intimacy and individual approach of a boutique hotel to busy big brand places.Combining latest technology and modern comfort with fabulous original Art Deco and Art Noveau interiors.It is traditionally built with plastered bricks and stuccos. Today, the hotel is closed, the ground floor is devastated, the brick is bear and giant placards have been put over the windows.

But the rest of the building will let you imagine some of the splendors of Prague in 1900. Hotels were a type of building that used very often the Art Nouveau style.

Art Deco Imperial Hotel features 126 elegant rooms and suites, highly variable conference facilities, famous Café Imperial, as well as Fitness & Wellness.

Located in UNESCO-protected historic Prague city centre, Art Deco Imperial Hotel is an ideal starting point, whether you come to the Czech capital for business, sightseeing in the picturesque Old Town, high street shopping, or exploring Prague´s nightlife.

If some of the Prague AN artists came from Vienna or have learned in Vienna schools of architecture (and especially Otto Wagner's), Czech artists have developed their proper way into Art Nouveau If you wander a little around AN buildings in Prague, you will notice that Prague AN artists had their favorite decorative pattern: it is a set of tree branches with flat and overlapping leaves.

(See on the left the picture of a grave in the Slavin) Hybernska ulice, 10 Ohmann (1899-1902), with Bedrich Bendelmayer, Alois Dryak "Hotel Central" is one of the first AN building in Prague. The lamps, the font used for the hotel name, every detail have been designed by the architect as a total work of Art.

Some whole areas of the town were designed in the Art Nouveau/Jugendstil style.