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If you are more confident without glasses then there are many options available to you..Do not let glasses detract from your feeling beautiful.

Projecting an Image If you’re a girl, wearing glasses can give off that sexy-librarian look and help you attract a well-read date.

This could be why marriages are lasting longer now than they did twenty years ago.

Marriage began as a means of exchanging the commodity of fertility and work power that a woman represented.

People are getting married later and living together beforehand meaning that less pressure is put on the marriage and the respective partners.

29% of Australians will never marry; they will enter into longstanding relationships but never marry, so where are the stats recording the break-ups of these relationships?

A trend has emerged in the last two decades where people are making the conscious decision not to get married.With the rates of divorce indicating that a third of marriages fail, one can understand the scepticism.With a rate of 55%, Sweden has the highest rate of divorce with the United States sitting at 46%. Will glasses help or hurt your chances of finding a date?There is nothing wrong with you or with your glasses.However, this traumatic event in childhood can lead you to feel insecure even today.Your chances of finding a date will increase when you feel confident.