Sophos control center not updating

i Care and Cloudten have a totally automated, scalable and secure solution.Share the You Tube video How can serverless computing be used to tackle the challenge of processing genomes at scale to help cancer research?

An immutable Jenkins build pipeline using Amazon S3 and Artifactory.

A scalable and low-cost approach to deploying customer pipelines Share the You Tube video On this episode of This Is My Architecture Thomas from Youi Insurance walks us through their serverless mobile telemetry platform that analyses customers' data from their mobile app, and uses this data to lower insurance premiums.

Apart from services like IAM, Cloud Watch and Cloud Trail to maintain full auditability, you'll learn how to use Lambda tie it all together.

Share the You Tube video In this episode of This Is My Architecture, Russell Christopher, Product Manager at Tableau Software, explains how they built Tableau Online, their fully hosted analytics platform in the cloud.

Machine Learning models running on Spark EMR clusters crunch customer's data to provide predictive analytics on what might happen and then customers use that information to design and build better products.

Share the You Tube video How do you classify ads, photos and match sellers to buyers better? Hear how Airtasker combined multiple AI services to create "Carl" who learned everything he knows from Wikipedia.

You'll learn about how leveraged EC2 Windows and multiple data stores including Postgre SQL, Elasti Cache Redis, and Amazon S3 to build a scalable, multi-tenant solution on AWS.

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Share the You Tube video Sometimes clusters need to scale up as well as scale out.

In this episode of This Is My Architecture Ben from Instaclustr describes a pattern to upsize Cassandra clusters transparently and non-disruptively to users Share the You Tube video On this episode of This Is My Architecture Rohan Jerrems from Qantas explains how they built a highly available multi-AZ CIFS cluster in AWS using the Storage Replica option in Windows Server 2016.

CSIRO has created a workflow that is fast, scalable and efficient to help scientists find answers faster and on-demand.