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Cordeiro and Winograd have spoken previously with the Inquirer and Daily News about their candidacies. And I just wanted to bring attention to that, because I think it’s something that could be changed, and internally there’s an appetite to change it.It has been brought up several times, and they haven’t executed on it. The three pillars of my platform are transparency, equality and progress.

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I think it’s disingenuous to ask them to support me before I hear what they want, and what concerns them. But at this point I’m not talking about the people supporting me, whether they be voters or non-voters, because I don’t think that is important right now. The reason I brought Thierry Henry and David Beckham’s names forward with the letters that they sent for me is, I wanted to illustrate my reach.There are many people around the world that can help us solve this soccer problem, and David Beckham and Thierry Henry are two people that care very much about the product in this country.I’m going to get us all in a room, and the time for bumper sticker slogans is over. We need to create a document that shows how we are going to solve this soccer problem.That two-day summit will be a tireless effort to leave with a piece of intellectual property that is public, that will be our mission statement on what I will do when I am in office.So they supported me right from the beginning, and said they’d let me out of my contract to do it. soccer forward and solve this enormous soccer problem we have right now at the lowest point in our soccer history. The excuses I had before weren’t big enough, and I needed to jump into the fray and take a massive risk and put my family in a tough situation. If I win, here’s the other thing: I am part of the ownership group at [Spanish club] Mallorca.

What changed was, I wasn’t seeing the people come forward I was hoping for. I just didn’t see anyone in the race that I could trust to take U. Because at the end of the day, I knew that when I was 70, I wasn’t going to be able to forgive myself for not being able to do what I can do for U. I will sell out of that or they’ll buy me out of my investment.Over the years, he has worked for Fox, ESPN and most recently NBC. 6, he announced that he is running for the biggest job in American soccer. One was to put focus on a rule that I think is keeping quality candidates out.In 2010, he was the color analyst on the Union’s local broadcasts during the team’s inaugural season. He joins a crowded field that includes two other former players, Eric Wynalda and Paul Caligiuri, plus four administrators: U. Soccer vice president Carlos Cordeiro, New York-based lawyer Michael Winograd, and Massachussetts-based lawyer Steve Gans and soccer administrator Paul Lapointe. In October, you said publicly that you did not want to run, in part because of the financial burden that the task requires. The fact that it’s a volunteer, unpaid position is the reason that great candidates like Julie Foudy and others that I’ve suggested should run can’t get involved in this race.I just wanted to highlight that it would improve the quality of candidates moving forward if it is a full time job that has a salary. That’s something that we desperately need right now within U. The first one is transparency, because we need to be able to know what’s going on, and we need to hold the president of the U. Soccer Federation accountable, and I think a salary goes a long way to doing that.The next thing I wanted to accomplish with that announcement was, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t a distraction anymore.There were a lot of people calling me behind the scenes. At this inflection point, we needed a soccer visionary to come forward, and many wanted me to be that person.