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Microsoft killed it one year after launching it in 1995. "Unfortunately, the software demanded more performance than typical computer hardware could deliver at the time, and there wasn't an adequately large market," Gates later wrote."Bob died." As a former Microsoft Bob user with an underpowered 486 PC, I can personally attest to its poor performance on "typical" PC hardware of the time.

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Things turned out okay for Coors in the end; the company continues to be one of the world's largest brewers.The Newton is held up as an example of Apple's bad old days, before it was the world's most valuable company.It also gave its product a new name: Coca-Cola Classic. In 1992, Pepsi tried again, this time with a clear cola: "Crystal Pepsi." No dice — it died in 1993.In 1989, Pepsi tried to target the "breakfast cola drinker" with Pepsi A. As a throwback, Pepsi briefly re-introduced Crystal Pepsi in 2016. In the 1980s, just as anti-smoking campaigns were heating up, RJ Reynolds put 5 million into a new product: smokeless cigarettes.Sony made a mistake: It started selling the Betamax in 1975, while its rivals started releasing VHS machines.

Sony kept Betamax proprietary, meaning that the market for VHS products quickly outpaced Betamax.

To reach this group, Mc Donald's spent 0 million, which makes it one of the most expensive product flops in history.

Turns out, Mc Donald's was just around 10 years too early — today, burger chains like Five Guys and Shake Shack are wildly popular upstarts, hawking slightly more expensive fast-food burgers to the modern equivalent of "urban sophisticates." Although the soda, which looks like a lava lamp, appealed to young kids, it was not tasty (people compared it to cough syrup).

Nintendo's Virtual Boy was an ambitious push into a burgeoning new technology — virtual reality.

Simply buy the Virtual Boy and get swept away into the digital environs of VR.

Except the reality of Virtual Boy was totally unlike what it promised.