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On my TV screen, 2 beautiful girls were sitting, facing each other, as they removed their clothes.

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As I did so, I could see my own cock image pop up on the screen, so I could watch myself as we all masturbated in this kinky way together.

This is not about gay or straight, or whatever, it is all about pleasure, kink, and edging. Edging is the main reason this is so sensual and erotic.

Her moans increased, and she was rocking her hips in a very sexy movement, instinctive, involuntary, and giving herself over to her pleasures, as we all on Skype were doing.

Back on the Skype screen the third guy had shifted a bit in his seat and I could see he had an anal electrode also connected to his machine, a rubber electrode around the bass of his aching dick and another like all of us on the head of his hard, straining pole.

I knew I would cum soon, but it felt so good, and I didn't want to stop, but if I wanted the pleasure to last, I HAD to dial it back a bit or I would lose my nut.

Suddenly the guy with the ass electrode let out a cry of joy, and his spasming cock erupted with a huge load of juicy hot cum, spurting up high on his belly, and splashing down his thighs, and balls, the anal electrode visibly moving in and out of his clenched anus, no doubt bumping his prostate sensuously, making the volume of his cum and the intensity of his orgasm fantastic.

My cock, long and stiff, throbbing with the pulsations feeding through it and teasing all around the head, was drooling.

Looking at the Skype screen, I could see the other cocks, stiff and hard, one with cum drooling from the tip, making a string as it slowly dripped onto his balls, the twitching of his virtual stroke clearly milking him.

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I wasn't the only one watching porn as well, I imagine.