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The entire video is affected and I find no way to correct it after it's happened. when i record a video or only a voice call, in both ways i get sound very bad, very slow that i can't understand a word of it..It appears to be something that's going wrong during the capture process. tried leaving it as skype quality and tried changing in all other options, i still get same very bad quality.. Troubleshooting: When I attempt to download the KMPlayer application my virus checker says the file is infected with a virus.I read in the FAQ that I can activate this software on a home and business computer at the same time, so 2 machines.

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I decided to watch the playback of another earlier recording.

Sure enough, after about a minute or two, the two sides switched - I went from the left to the right and the other person took my side of the screen.

After another minute, I appeared in both sides and the other person couldn't be seen the entire remaining time.

During the payback, the left side - me - froze completely and the right side of the playback continued showing only me.

Please help I use it to record video calls to my kids for court reasons. Troubleshooting: Why is there a delay/mismatch of about 5 seconds between hearing a voice on a video call I recorded, and then seeng that portion of the video on the screen when I play back a recording I made?

Troubleshooting: I'm recording local video and on the MP3 quality tab I've selected "manually set it" and set the quality to 128 for bit rate and 48000 for sample rate. For example, when I hear one of us on either side of the call speak a word or sentence, I don't see that person speaking those words/sentences until at least 5 seconds later (timing of the video and audio playback is not matching).The only video that gets recorded is mine even though I can see the remote video while I am using skype. I start it and then start Skype, it has been allowed to access Skype.Evaer says it is Ready but the buttons are greyed out and it does not start recording when a call is made. Thanks Functions: I'm getting very choppy audio at times when recording Skype conversations.Then I switched it to xvid and got a message about unable to detect a video stream.So I tried switching back to h.264 and now, no matter what coded I use (I've tried quite a few), when I record a call it doesn't record video - only audio. I would like to use this program but it doesn't seem to work properly. I have Troubleshooting: How to fix the remote video recorded up side down?The warning must be apart of the recording or it is worthless... Thanks Troubleshooting: Hi I am recording with AVI format, 25fps, side-by-side.