Sins updating

Swimsuit and Dolphin bundles were available for purchase from the Online Store.Sims would have to clean their pools regularly or they will turn green.

A birthday cake would need to be baked by an adult, which will take them one day and at the time, cost 20 Life Points (now only 5). This update introduced social game features as well as some from The Urbz: Sims in the City, The Sims 2: Nightlife, and The Sims 3: Late Night.

A party boat with a leader-board so players can compare their town value.

New objects which could be obtained for free if the player had enough Neighbors.

A nightclub which Sims can visit, buy drinks, dance, bartend and DJ. This update introduced the Salon, where Sims can buy new hairstyles, accessories and tattoos.

New pre-made houses could be bought such as the Skater's Pad and the Japanese Retreat. A selection of outfits and hairstyles from Katy Perry's Sweet Treats could be bought from the online store for a limited time. This update introduced the school, where pre-teens can be morning, afternoon or night students and also introduced the teaching career for adults.

This update also introduced hobbies, the first two being for the pre-teens, Karate and Ballet.A swimming center could be built, where sims can learn a new hobby, diving.Pools could be built in gardens and objects for the pools can be bought.Two new plants are added, Simoleon Sprout and Lifestyle Points Lotus.Players can also build house boats, which can be purchased with Social Points.This machine allowed the player to make it snow, rain, or be sunny. A snow park could be built on the town map and winter outfits could be bought.